Calabasas 1/26/20 (2021)
11 minutes

Cinematography with Ryan Bender
A short film I shot alongside filmmakers Xavier Rotnofosky and Ryan Bender. A dense fog in the San Fernando Valley cancels a meeting of UFO hunters and causes an unexpected tragedy in the nearby mountains.

Featured by Rooftop Films Summer Series, Short of the Week, NoBudge, and SADE Los Angeles.
Directed and edited by Xavier Rotnofsky. Filmed by Marlo Madlangbayan Gaite-de Joya, Ryan Bender, and Xavier Rotnofsky. Music by William Basinski, Hiroshi Yoshimura, and Anna von Hausswolff. Sound edited by Tony Giambrone. Artwork by Xavier Rotnofsky. Graphic design by Melanie Kwan.